Are Lifestyle Changes Necessary to Prevent Eye Diseases? Millennials ask.

My dear millennials, 

We get it, you’re young and invincible. Changing your lifestyle isn’t necessary to prevent eye diseases and disorders since you’ll never develop them, correct?  I hope the evidence is Wrong! As with any other age group, millennials are susceptible to eye diseases and disorders. In addition, wearing glasses or contact lenses does not in any way make you immune from infection. 

Regular eye examinations with an eye doctor or opthamologist are the best way to prevent eye diseases and disorders from developing in the future. By doing so, if you do happen to develop a problem, you will be able to catch it early on and treat it before it causes serious damage to your health. 

If you are concerned about the health of your eyes, please make an appointment with an eye doctor in your area for the sake of your eyesight. A quick search on or Google should be able to assist you in finding one if you are unable to find one. 


With sincere gratitude, 

Our employee and an ophthalmologist from Long Beach, California wants you to have good eyesight in your old age. Peace!!