How to Get Contact Lenses?

Contact Lenses: How to Get Them

In case you’re tired of wearing eyeglasses to help you see better, contact lenses may be an excellent alternative. If you’ve never used contacts before, there are some things you should know before you begin. You need to follow a few crucial steps when ordering new lenses, including obtaining your prescription and how to go about obtaining your contacts. The team has put together a quick article to help you out. Here are some tips to help you get contact lenses so that you can make the switch.

The first step is to have your eyes examined

Whether you buy your new contact lenses at your eye doctor’s office or online at, you will need a prescription. If you are planning on buying contacts, let your eye doctor know in advance what your plans are ahead of time. Your doctor may be able to prescribe you contacts from a national brand so you can choose from a broader variety of brands online. To make sure you get the right lenses, your eyes will be measured by the doctor. You can ask your doctor any questions you might have regarding your options, as well as the types of contact you can choose from, so you can choose the ones that work best for you. Start by searching through, the #1 vision telehealth platform, to find an eye doctor near you.

How to Use Your Prescription online and in stores

Your eye doctor will provide you with a written prescription after your eye exam and fitting. Your contacts can be purchased from their office directly or you can order them online from companies like or other retailers like Scout, Warby Parker’s own contact lens brand.

Contact lenses from Acuvue, Biotrue, Air Optix, Dailies, and other major brands are available at, where you can renew your contacts online, and you can also buy them monthly if needed. For easy access in the future, make sure you get a written copy of your new contact lens prescription. In most cases, contact lens prescriptions have to be renewed every year, so prepare to return for an updated prescription within one year.


Renewing or ordering contact lenses online

Buying contacts online can be an easy way to compare prices so you can make sure you’re getting the best deal possible. Many people are very busy and prefer to renew their contacts online since it can be more convenient.

  1. First of all, you must have a prescription from your eye doctor before you can purchase the contact lenses online. If you have one already, but need to renew your prescription, then that can also be done on
  2. You should then select the type and quantity of lenses recommended by your eye doctor. If you need to clean your lenses, be sure to buy a cleaning solution, a case, and other accessories.
  3. It’s crucial to enter your prescription exactly as it’s written when ordering contacts online. Even one small error can lead to your lenses fitting incorrectly or failing to give you the vision correction you need.

After reading, where do you start?

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