Why do I need a prescription for my contacts?

Contact lens orders should be as straightforward as clicking Oggleyes.nextdaycontacts.com, reordering, checking your information, then clicking finish. That takes about two minutes, maybe three with a slow connection.  

Unfortunately, expired prescriptions can cause problems.  

It is more likely that you will receive an email explaining why we are unable to ship your order rather than an order confirmation email. Most contact lens wearers have been there, and have asked the same question, “why do I even need a prescription for contacts?” This is frustrating, and we fully understand it. 

It is a good thing that Oggleyes.com is here to explain and assist you in figuring out what to do if you have an expired prescription.  

Fit and strength of your prescription.

To begin with, you must have a prescription to purchase medical grade contact lenses. You cannot purchase medical grade contact lenses without a valid prescription.  

All of the eye care professionals on Oggleyes.com go to great lengths with many different tests to determine exactly what your eyes need for perfect vision. It would be ideal if you could have this done once and then be done. Unfortunately, our imperfect vision serves as an example of how the world is not perfect. 

It is well known that your vision naturally changes over time. This is especially true as you enter your 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s. Without a new prescription and exam, it may be possible for you to wear incorrect lenses that might result in headaches or discomfort.  

Your eye doctor will not only write a prescription that includes your vision measurements, but they may also include a particular brand, which is there to ensure you get a contact that is made of the right material for your eye health needs and to ensure the fit is exact.  

Your selected brand is determined by the contact lens fitting your eye doctor performs during the exam. During the exam, they will take measurements and determine which brand best fits your eye size and shape. Then you will wear the lens for a couple weeks and return for the final prescription.  

Whenever you order your contacts, both your vision correction measurements and brand information must be current. If either are out of date, you may experience discomfort with your lenses. We don’t want that. You don’t want that. 

This is the legal stuff.

Let’s take a closer look at the legality of prescriptions now that you know the medical reasoning behind them.  

In 2003, the Contact Lens Consumer Act was passed to protect consumers and their rights by requiring us to only sell contacts to people with valid prescriptions. In this way, we are able to ensure that your eye doctor will give you a prescription, allowing you to buy your contacts anywhere legally. 

According to the FDA, contact lenses are medical devices, so you need a prescription to purchase them. The FDA also requires that prescriptions for contact lenses have an expiration date. Contact lens prescriptions are usually valid for one year, but this depends on the state where the prescription was issued.  

Map of two-year states

Some states allow prescriptions to last up to two years. Keep track of your prescription expiration dates to ensure you take advantage of this time-saving tip.


Why can’t I just use my eyeglass prescription? 

Contact lens prescriptions have specific measurements that aren’t easily found or decoded from glasses’ prescriptions. Since glasses sit away from your eyeball, measurements such as base curve and diameter are irrelevant because they relate to the size and shape of your eyeball.  

Additionally, glasses prescriptions do not contain brands, which are required for contact lens purchases.  

Oggleyes Online Eye Exams have changed the game 

Now that oggleyes.com offers approved eye exams, taking care of your eye exams has never been easier from the convenience of your own home, in less than 7 minutes, using only a smartphone or laptop. Getting your contacts when you need them has become a breeze with us. Instead of saying you shoulda, coulda, woulda – we did it. Our customers now have the option of getting their contacts on their own schedule.  

Oggleyes.com is the #1 Telehealth Eye Care platform, and we take eye health seriously, so we encourage all patients, especially those with pre-existing eye conditions, to visit their eye doctor regularly. A vision exam shouldn’t be a hassle. Having good vision shouldn’t be a hassle, so Oggleyes.com has made renewing your prescription a breeze with everything in one place. 

The Oggleyes.com exams are a great first step, but is not a comprehensive eye exam, and is not a replacement for regular eye exams. Find out more about Eye Exams and how to find an eye doctor near you at oggleyes.com. Click here to find out if you qualify for eye exams